About the project

Cluj County Spatial Plan (PATJ Cluj)

The Cluj County Council and the World Bank

The Cluj County Council and the World Bank Romania signed in May 2019 a Reimbursable Service Agreement (RAS) – a form of technical assistance project – to support the County in developing its spatial plan that will result in boosting the sustainable and competitive development of its territory.

The elaboration of this document is necessary because the current plan dates from 1998 and it is desired that the new one reflect the county’s current development directions and priorities. Based on the agreement, the World Bank – the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development will provide the necessary technical assistance for the development of the spatial plan through several activities.

Technical support will consist in carrying out ten substantiation studies in key areas such as: natural capital, protected areas and environment, population, settlements network, natural resources and economy, transport and communications, territorial technical equipment, cultural heritage, natural risks, territorial planning in the context of European policies and strategies and social impact assessment. In addition, an analysis of the administrative capacity was also developed.

Based on these studies and in accordance with the legal provisions in force in the field, the World Bank will provide technical inputs for the elaboration of the spatial plan. At the same time, the WB will support the drafting of the County’s Territorial Development Strategy, taking into account the development directions and priorities of the county, established based on the prospective diagnosis.
Last but not least, the Bank will provide assistance to the County Council in developing a detailed action plan for the implementation of the measures proposed in the spatial plan, in order to ensure the territorial development.

It will include, inter alia, the responsibilities and sources of funding for public policies, programs and public investment projects necessary for the sustainable and competitive development of the territory. It will also include a consultation plan and will involve all the relevant actors and the community in the planning process, measures to address potential physical or economic dysfunctions, depending on the diagnosis’ conclusions and the allocation of responsibilities and funding sources for public policies, programs and public investments necessary for the sustainable and competitive development of the county’s territory.

The agreement is signed for over a period of 25 months, with the possibility of being extended by the parties, its value being 630.000 euro.