1. Substantiation Study on natural capital, protected areas and environment

Although it has been implemented with some delays, an integrated county waste management system will be in place starting 2020, solving most of the issues related to selective waste collection, transport, recycling etc. There are still problems at county level in dealing with illegal disposal of waste (eg. from the construction sector) in public areas.

Cluj is the county in Romania with the best treated water supply thanks to the large EU investments carried out by the two regional operators. The communes and households that decided to rely on their own wheels are, however, vulnerable to water quality problems.

According to Greenpeace, Cluj is one of the areas in Romania that has been affected by massive illegal deforestation. One of the reasons is the insufficient coordination between the different institutions dealing with the management and conservation of forest areas.

The analysis of satellite data indicated the existence of UHIs (Urban Heat Islands) around urban territories covered by industrial plants and retail parks, but also in communist neighborhoods with a high density of 10-floors blocks of flats. Overall, the average annual temperature is increasing at county level.

The increase in the average temperature has decreased the surface potentially affected by landslides, but the number of households damaged by such hazards continued to grow, especially because of poor urban planning.

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Pictures from the PATJ Cluj | Environment and climate change event
Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 10:00 – 12:00
Interdisciplinary Center for Data Science
Avram Iancu 68, 400083 Cluj-Napoca