6. Substantiation Study on territorial technical equipment

The substantiation study analyzes:

  • Electricity generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure;
  • Natural gas infrastructures;
  • Telecommunications sectors.

Cluj County is a producer of electricity due to all the available water and solar resources at its disposal. If in the case of water resources, the potential is exploited to the maximum, in the case of solar energy resources, it is found that it is much underused. In this context, the sector of electricity production through photovoltaic power plants can become an important one at county level.
The electricity distribution network covers 99.98% of the localities in Cluj County. At present times there are only 100 households within two localities, new or isolated, which are not connected to the electricity network. This number is insignificant compared to the large mass of households that today can enjoy the advantage of access to electricity.
Cluj County has its own natural gas resources operating within the Țaga and Puini deposits and a natural gas transmission and distribution infrastructure that supplies 51.85% of TAUs and 26.95% of their localities; at the level of residential environments, 5 of the 6 urban localities (83.33%) are connected to the distribution network and only 112 rural localities out of 428 existing ones (23.16%) benefit from this form of energy.
The most isolated locality in Cluj County in terms of mobile telecommunications services is Lunca Vișagului in Poieni commune where no mobile telecommunications company has any signal, but it benefits from fixed telecommunications; at the opposite pole is Cluj-Napoca, which can be considered the most well connected to fixed and mobile telecommunications systems.
Cluj County is on the threshold of implementing 5G mobile telecommunications systems that will result in the start of the process of digitalization of society that will generate a new social revolution.

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